Introduction to Anarchism

Introduction to Anarchism July 6th, 12th, 19th in Worcester, MA

The I.A.T will be putting on an Introduction to Anarchism series of three workshops in July!

Since Trump was elected in November, many in the US have turned away from traditional political parties and the promises of independent third parties. At the same time, a national surge in anarchist ‘antifa’ and ‘black bloc’ activity has resulted – with many asking, “just what the hell do these people want and why are they dressed like weird ninjas half the time?”

What is anarchism? What do anarchists stand for? What are they against? What does an anarchist society look like? Aren’t humans just kinda crappy and unreliable?

To help answer these questions, the Institute for Advanced Troublemaking is putting on a series of three workshops as an introduction to anarchism!

This is a workshop series is geared towards people disenfranchised with the current system, not just people who already consider themselves anarchists or radicals.
This series is also for people whose experience with anarchism has largely been online or theoretical- as we will be learning about community organizing strategies and tactics we can use within our communities.

Please contact us if you need child care!

Introduction to Anarchist Theory-July 6th
Just what in tarnation are these anarchists even about?
We’ll tackle the principles of anarchism, key thinkers & ideas, anarchist schools of thought, economics, and finally… What anarchists envision as an alternative to capitalism and the state!

Introduction to the Anarchist Movement- July 12th
At Collective A GoGo
Contact us for the address.

Fedbook Event
Just what in tarnation have these anarchists even done?
Alex (Ex-Slingshot Collective member will lead a workshop discussing anarchist history, with a special focus on the modern era (80-90s – 00s).

To prep for this workshop we are asking peeps to give a shot at reading a few short articles on anarchist organizing in the 80s and 90s that set the ground work for the anarchist groundswell during the Global Justice Movement in the early 00s.

Gathering Proposal by Vic – From Disconnection Issue #1:

The Political Prehistory of Love and Rage:

Anarchist Organizing and Tactics- July 19th
At Collective A GoGo
Contact us for the address.

Fedbook Event
Just what in tarnation do these anarchist propose we do now?
We’ll talk about how anarchists propose to destroy capitalism, systemic oppression, the state, and how they organize in communities (and what the heck is up with all the black clothes!?).
Broad strategies such as syndicalism, dual power, insurrection, and gradualism will be discussed as well as direct action and organizing tactics such as labor organizing, strikes, affinity groups, black blocs, civil disobedience and more.

Course Materials:

As a primer to this workshop series, we ask attendees to read Anarchy and Its Aspirations by Cindy Milstein.
It’s a short book that captures both the nuance envisioning an anarchist society and a critical eye on the strategies to get there. It’s real pretty and an easy read!

Anarchism and its Aspirations:
Free PDF version:

Paperback version:

If books are not your thing please check out this radio segment and short videos!
To Change Everything

A History of Anarchism in 8 Minutes

Anarchism: Philosophy and History