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Decapital: Funding for Radical Projects

Decapital’s funding comes from a small collective of individuals who contribute a portion of their income each month. We’re organizers, artists, and diy’ers. It’s an affinity group that pools resources to provide grants for creative trouble makers.

Mark Baumer Sustainability Fund

Mark Baumer was a renaissance man—award-winning poet, prolific content creator, and he even had an earlier career as a talented baseball player—but first and foremost, he was a committed activist.

He was attempting a cross-country walk (his second trek across the country) focused on raising awareness of climate change, while also raising funds for FANG, an activist collective he was a member of. He was hit and killed by an SUV on Day 101 of his walk in Crestview, Florida, along Highway 90. Mark was 33.

 Mark was deeply concerned about the future of Earth. Additionally, he worked to create a more just society. His protests involved the opposition to the power plant in Burrillville and he participated in the March to Burrillville with FANG, as well as protesting the manufacture of cluster bombs by Textron, Inc., a protest where he was arrested. He even managed to get himself banned from RISD’s property for daring to shout out to the governor, asking about her decision on the power plant.

Mark will be missed forever by his parents and the people that knew him and knew of his love and concern for the world and the people in it.

The Mark Baumer Sustainability Fund was created as a way of keeping Mark’s memory and spirit alive. It will be focused on supporting causes and organizations that cultivate traits that were part of Mark’s philosophy of life—love, kindness, and working towards building a better world—a world of equals, of mutual aid and an economic based on equity, not the further enrichment of the elite.

The Farmers and Mechanics League Trust

The mission of the Farmers and Mechanics League Trust is to fund radical anti-authoritarian and anti-capitalist collective or cooperative projects in Worcester, MA and Providence, RI. We fund counter-institutions that directly combat capitalism, government, institutionalized racism and wanton environmental destruction; and from these ashes build radical, egalitarian, sustainable alternatives.