Apply to Attend

Apply to Attend

The I.A.T. anarchist summer camp will be August 11th ā€“ 18th, 2017 in Worcester, MA.

We have limited space! Not everyone that fills out this application will be accepted to attend.
So please fill out this application with care and the IAT will get back to you!

We are accepting applications until July 5th!

We prioritize people of marginalized identities including POC, working class, trans or gender nonconforming, those with dis/abilities, LGBTQI, and women, but recognize that many of these may not be visibly apparent.

Unfortunately our space is not compliant with ADA standards and only parts of our facilities are wheelchair accessible, but as a collective we care about making our space usable for folks with wheelchair or other mobility needs. We are interested in discussing ways we can accommodate physical needs in the meantime as well as planning for greater accessibility in the future.

If you are only able to attend some of the week or after work that is fine!
We are creating a course schedule so that there will be some courses after regular 9AM-5PM working hours.