The Scoop-

This August will be the launch of the Institute for Advanced Trouble-making, a week-long anarchist theory and action summer camp. Camp will take place from August 11th – 18th, 2017 in Worcester, MA.

Our long term goal for the I.A.T. is to create a lasting anarchist education hub in the Northeast that can train new and old organizers alike beyond the basics in anarchist theory, anti-oppression and movement building.
As Trump’s presidency has spurred a swell of activity and increased awareness of ongoing injustices, the I.A.T. aims to focus that energy to raise collective capacity to target injustice at a systemic level with effective direct action and campaign work.
We want to escalate and build skills in direct action, infrastructure building, and community organizing. We have seen the need for our movements to develop a more cohesive and strategic outlook for the days ahead- building innovative new strategies that can present a revolutionary challenge to the state, capitalism, and systemic violence.
The Institute for Advanced Trouble-making seeks to break limitations of the current action camp model and informal radical education spaces by combining a rigorous exploration of anarchist and social movement theory with concrete movement-building skills.
We plan to prioritize Worcester residents, youth, and people already doing organizing work to attend the summer camp, but also plan to invite participants from throughout the Northeast and beyond. Rather than an activism 101, our intention is to cultivate deeper understanding and praxis of anarchist organizing among people who are already doing some of that work.

Apply to Attend

Apply to Attend

We have limited space! Not everyone that fills out this application will be accepted to attend.
So please fill out this application with care and the IAT will get back to you!

We prioritize people of marginalized identities including POC, working class, trans or gender nonconforming, those with dis/abilities, LGBTQI, and women, but recognize that many of these may not be visibly apparent.

Unfortunately our space is not compliant with ADA standards and only parts of our facilities are wheelchair accessible, but as a collective we care about making our space usable for folks with wheelchair or other mobility needs. We are interested in discussing ways we can accommodate physical needs in the meantime as well as planning for greater accessibility in the future.

If you are only able to attend some of the week or after work that is fine!
We are creating a course schedule so that there will be some courses after regular 9AM-5PM working hours.

Propose a Workshop

Propose a Course!

We are looking for facilitators / educators / trainers to build topical workshops, lectures, discussion groups and experiential workshops.

If you have rad skills and knowledge to share propose a mini-course (or two!).

Some topics we are particularly interested in seeing represented are:

dual power, radical urbanism and community development, disrupting and destroying systems of oppression, democratic education, contemporary movement building and strategy, social ecology, anarchist projects, innovations in direct action tactics, Rojava, climate justice, art as activism, campaign planning, community care, etc.

This is just a short list of the possibilities, please be creative and suggest that workshop you’ve always wanted to create, that discussion that you have been dying to have with others, etc!

Facilitators are encouraged to create multi-session mini-courses that include reading materials and various ways to engage with a topic or skill.
Each day will be broken into four parts. The morning session  will focus on theory in the form of lectures and facilitated discussion groups. In the afternoon topical sessions focusing on social movements history or praxis. Later sessions will focus on learning practical skills like climbing, direct action tactics, art etc.
We are looking to create an after 5PM course session for attendees getting out of work.
Our location offers access to forest as well as urban collective spaces including work spaces, art spaces, community centers, and events spaces.

This project is in its infancy and we would like to see it grow into a center for anarchist education in the Northeast over the coming years. Our goal is to be able to provide some financial support to help folks who would otherwise not be able to attend or facilitate at the camp, but we can not afford to provide travel costs or facilitator stipends for everyone at this time. If you need financial support to attend, please let us know and we will work with you to make that possible.
Please pass this along to folks you think would be interested in teaching at this camp.
The camp is a non-dogmatic space open to dialogue and bringing folks together whose work and interests reside in the anarchist tradition, but who have differences in thinking about practice, tactics and philosophies of anarchism.
If you or your organization would like to collaborate on this project please contact to learn how you can join the organizing team.


We are a small collective of long time anarchist organizers seeking to create a lasting movement education hub in the Northeast of the so-called US.

Although we are in the first stages of such a project we hope to build an anarchist school that can offer classes and training over the course of a full summer.

We are inspired by past radical movement education efforts that sought to bring organizers and  theorists together in generating practical movement tools, strategies, and tactics. We believe that in order to create dynamic movements capable of taking on capitalism, the state, and systemic oppression we need radical education infrastructure for and by organizers.